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"You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To"

"Human Potential is that little voice in your head that dares you to dream it, moves you to do it and wills you to experience it. It is unlimited.”

These two pivotal statements have defined Sherpa John's life of adventure. As a young adolescent, his parent's hammered it into his head that he "could do anything he put his mind to." Years later, he took these words literally and embarked on a life of amazing adventure, endurance, compassion and motivation.

Since 2005, Sherpa John has traveled far and wide to conduct a variety of Public Speaking Engagements. Sherpa is passionate about inspiring individuals and groups to dream big and achieve big. His talks have spanned a variety of social groups which include Running Clubs, Retail Stores, Adventure Centers/Lodges, Hotel and Resorts, High Schools, Colleges/Universities, Businesses, Conferences and Scouting Organizations. 

Sherpa John's speeches use his personal experiences, research and themes of positive thinking to engage audiences with his awe inspiring, captivating and inspirational message. Each presentation is crafted specifically to the needs and desires of each audience. Previous audience sizes have measured anywhere from 10 to 250 people.

Presentation Topics Include:
  • Peak-Bagging New Hampshire's Four Thousand Footers
  • The Documentary Film "48"
  • Running 100 Mile Ultra-Marathons
  • Running Across New Hampshire
  • Research in Flow Theory
  • Research in The Human Potential Movement
  • Adversity vs. Adaption
  • Goal Setting and Putting It Into Motion
  • Raising The Bar
  • Ignoring the Naysayers
  • Challenges and Rewards of Fundraising
  • Inspiration
  • Outdoor Education

To have Sherpa John speak to your group or organization and to begin crafting your own unique presentation, please contact him at Sherpajohn@gmail.com

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