Tuesday, August 18, 2015

YOU have a voice

Yesterday I posted a blog post about the Leadville 100. (It is Leadville week after all.) Only 70 of you managed to find and read the post, which pales in comparison to the typical average of 500. It's not something I broadcast or shared as normal. I just typed and plopped it there. In short.. I posted MY thoughts on the continued issues that plague the Leadville Race Series. So in that post I touched on these points:

1.) There continues to be HUGE amounts of trash left behind on the Leadville Race Courses, and left mostly by the bikers. (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE)

2.) The lottery this year, was too much a secret for a company that could use more transparency. Not only that, but they've introduced more changes to the lottery which affects those who have supported the race for nearly a decade or longer. (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE)

3.) The new race insurance policy, and lottery entrance fee, are just more ways that LTF (Life Time Fitness) increases their bottom line. (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE)

4.) Because of their mission to increase the bottom line, LTF has put runners, some traveling from sea level with little to no ultra experience, in dangerous high altitude situations while ignoring the concerns of more than one volunteer.

5.) The Leadville Race Series has never had to complete a NEPA study in its long history. That changes this year as the USFS is finally looking into doing so. (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

RR: 2014 Bighorn 100

June 20-21, 2014
Dayton, WY
Time: 32:13:36

Road to Redemption
The say you measure a man not by how many times he gets knocked down, but by the number of times he gets back up. I vividly remember sitting at the Footbridge Aid station in 2012. I had slowly peeled my shoes off my feet to look at the maceration, to poke at the blisters, and decide if I wanted to continue. I was looking for someone to tell me it was OK to go home, and my crew had done just that. Normally in races, I make a list of what I'm willing to go through to reach the finish line. For the 2012 race, I didn't make that list. I didn't care. I was tired, worn out and ready to take a break from Ultra Running.. so I did.

After 4 months off in 2012, I rediscovered what Ultra meant to me and the role it played in my life. I got back into the swing of things, lost a ton of weight and strived to keep knocking off the BHAG goals I set for myself. Since 2012, it's been in the back of my mind that I need to return to Bighorn to finish what I started. I needed redemption.. this is that story.

Sick As A Dog
In the days leading up to this years Bighorn 100, my wife had a bout with Food Poisoning. I did everything I could to try and stave it off but it was no use. Thursday morning, the day before the 100, the day I was to drive the 6 hours to Sheridan Wyoming.. I woke up early to puke my brains out. It came out of both ends. My stomach turned and churned all day long and I struggled to keep myself hydrated and fed... and prepared to run 100 miles. Instantly, thoughts of doubt came into my head. I was so sick, I doubted I would make it past the first crew station. I knew I would start, but lasting was hugely in question.