Wednesday, August 15, 2012

La Sportiva = No Thanks

Flashback to April 17, 2012.. I was running up Bear Peak in Boulder with Endurancejer and Ninja iPod. While running down the West Ridge of Bear Peak, I tripped and the trail grabbed the toe box of my La Sportiva Raptors. My shoes, at this point in the year, had a measly 300 miles on them at most. I was pretty upset that they fell apart so soon. I suffered from a blow out. A large tear ripped across the top of BOTH of my shoes and the hole was large enough that my toes popped out. I snapped a photo and posted a tweet @Sportiva to show my displeasure.

#needshoesforultramiles. Yeah, we do. We need shoes that are going to last us a bit more than 300 miles. For most trail runners who run any kind of miles, 300 miles is something we're running in 3-4 weeks (or less). I really thought that my shoes should have gotten a bit more life out of them. Given the way we as consumers connect with companies these days, I felt a tweet was appropriate. 1.) To show La Sportiva what happened to the product. 2.) To show my displeasure in their premature failure. What I got in return irked me a bit..
No.. I didn't get good mileage out of my raptors.. and regardless of your poor "marketing savvy" comment, I did pick up a new pair. That pair lasted me 2 months. Then I bought another pair...

On July 30th, while hiking Long's Peak, I wore my newest and latest pair of La Sportiva Raptors. I know, exactly, the mile these shoes were on! 75.6 miles in on the shoes.. and they once again ripped clear across the top of the toe-box.

So no La Sportiva.. it's not time for me to pick up a new pair. That time has come and gone three times now and three times I've been disappointed with what I consider to be a sub-par product. I've switched to Vasque.. you lost me as a customer. But why did you lose me as a customer? Was it the shoes or the tweet? Both?