Monday, August 6, 2012

VB: Mt. Werner Classic 50K

This past weekend I snuck up to Steamboat Springs, CO to run in the 2012 Mt. Werner Classic. For the last 17 or os years, the Mt. Werner Classic has entertained runners with a 5 and 12 mile trail run option. This year, Race Director Emily Conjura did away with the shorter distances and challenged runners with a new 50K only option.

I hadn't run an official 50K even since September 2008. I had an amazing afternoon while patiently letting the miles flow beneath me along a truly challenging course. Made some new friends and enjoy the small ultra crowd that had gathered at this Eco Friendly event. I'll tell you more of the story later, but for now.. enjoy the video version.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

10,000 Miles

Wakely Dam.. my first ultra
I started running in the fall of 2004 but never really started to record my miles until January of 2006. In the last 6 years of recorded running history, I've finally run my 10,000th mile. This number includes easy hikes in the mountains, backpacking trips, training runs, races.. any activity where my feet carried me from A to B has been recorded and last Friday, I finally ran mile 10,000. Mile 10,000 was run much like my first mile. I ran around my neighborhood on paved roads and sidewalks. Slowly letting the miles click by and just enjoying hearing myself breath and feeling myself sweat.