Monday, June 4, 2012

Video: Running Is Fun 2

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It's always great to remind each other that this running thing that we do is supposed to be FUN. No doubt about it. I have a motto with everything that I do.. "if you're not having fun, then why are you doing it?" I've asked myself the very same question during 100 Mile races... where once the fun was gone, I decided to go home early..

This past weekend I worked on a video that was the brain child of Jerry Armstrong. If you don't know who Jerry is.. he's one of those top 5 or top 10 runner types who actually hangs out with mediocre runners like myself.. even while training for big races. In the year that I've known Jerry... I know for a fact that this dude... "GETS IT."

Jerry came up with an idea for a video a month or two ago called Running is Fun. It was a huge hit.. and inspired many folks to reach out and say thanks. "Thanks for the reminder.." that all of this is supposed to be fun. Sometimes we get caught up in the goal, or the watch, or the stretching and hopping about at the starting line, that we forget what this journey is supposed to be all about..

Ever watched a child run?? Ever notice the smile on their face and how simple it really is? NO special shoes, or gadgets or anything.. just fun.
Click to read Jerry's post on, the video is below.

EnduranceJer writes:

When we posted “Running is Fun“, it became quite popular and was shared widely on Facebook and Twitter. The true message of the video was simple…Running is Fun!  The post was an entertaining reminder about why we do this incredible sport. Too often, new runners display anguish on their face and appear to be “forced” into running. This is hardly the case for ultrarunners!   For those of us who love this incredible sport, we strongly wish to share the fact that “Running is Fun”.
After we shared “Running is Fun”, we received quite a few personal email messages about how the video impacted individual runners who realized they had forgotten this key point of training for running events. This was more than enough to justify the development of the next video!
We are now extremely excited to share the sequel to that video…. Now! Please enjoy, “Running is Fun 2″!!!
In health and happiness,
EnduranceJer & Sherpa John