Friday, May 18, 2012

Run Preview: Grand Canyon R2R2R

As you read this, I am in my car driving 12 hours from Boulder, CO to the North Rim of The Grand Canyon. This weekend, I have the privilege of taking my running to a-whole-nother-level. Camping on the North Rim, I'll awaken Saturday Morning before the crack of dawn and set out into the darkness with my new running friend AJ Wellman. Together, we'll run down into America's great hole. Down, across the Colorado River then up to the top of the South Rim. From there, we'll turn around and do it all in reverse.

The Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim is a classic one day journey run amongst ultra-runners. Most start on the South Rim.. mostly because it's an easier run doing it that way. I'm tired of easy. We're starting on the North Rim and saving the biggest, longest, most arduous climb of the day for last. I need it for the task ahead of me next month.

Many members of my family have been to the canyon. Their personal tales from the rims edge along with their iconic photos of grandeur are cute... but we're not doing cute. We're doing epic. This weekend, I'll see the Canyon, in one day, in a way few people ever have. This is also the culminating run of a big mileage week for me. At the end of the run, I'll have accumulated over 86 miles for 7 days of running. My largest one week training mileage total in nearly 3 years (no race). This past monday, I enjoyed a 50K run on Boulders Mesa Trail where myself and the Colorado Mountain Ninjas ran from end to end to end to end to end to end. That's right, 5 crossings of the Boulder Classic. I'm preparing well for the Big Horn 100 and am excited for the cherry on top.

So while you're enjoying your fun filled weekend in your own way, I'll wake up Saturday and drink a cup of liquid awesome. Then, I'll be traversing one of terra ferma's final frontiers.. on foot. I can't freakin' wait!

"You cannot see the Grand Canyon in one view, as if it were a changeless spectacle.... To See it, you have to tail it from month to month through it's labyrinths."
~John Wesley Powell, 1869