Monday, April 2, 2012

Vibram = SUED

I received an e-mail the other day from a running friend that talked about Vibram Five-Fingers LLC being named in a class action lawsuit. Here it is:

I had to investigate more, and went to the best place I know to go to when news like this comes out. I wasn't disappointed. Ross over at The Science of Sport, crafted one of the most insightful, honest, and sensible posts on barefoot running that I've ever read. What excited me the most about this article, is that much of what he said is aligned with much of what I've said here over the last few months in regards to the barefoot craze. Though admittedly, his post is worded much more elegantly, touch home on the major points with poise, intelligence and with a zeal I couldn't even come close to. Check the link out below!

If you read any ONE of these articles below, it's the one from The Science of Sport. Don't miss it!

The Science of Sport:
My favorite paragraph written by Ross states,
"The point is, all the answers, which are pretty important, that you can read on the package insert when you get prescription medication, are unknown for barefoot running.  Yet it is still prescribed 'recklessly'.

And for this, I completely blame the polarization of the debate that allows extremist views to develop and thrive.  It's perfect for the media and the 'zealots' who try to force their success on large groups of people without being open to the other side.  And there are some who are more moderate - I apologize for lumping everyone together.  But there are many who are not.  They base their 'prescription' of barefoot running on their own success story, or at best, a group of runners who they have succeeded with, and suddenly, the entire running community is being told to take this "drug".  It works.  Maybe.  In some people.  If they get it right.  Possibly.  That's not good enough."
Human Potential Articles:
Hoka Hype (9.1.11)
Minimal Malpractice (8.5.11)
Barefoot Running (3.24.11)
I post my own articles not because I'm right or wrong.. But I always want to offer another perspective. I want people to THINK about what they're doing and who they're accepting "running prescriptions" from. Sure, the proof is in the pudding that running with a Forefoot strike is better for you then running as a heel striker. That's a no brainer.. but so many people jump on every band wagon that comes along looking for that next best, lazy, solution to their inability to train properly. I was a Heel striker in 2004. In 2005, I hired a personal trainer and I did specific workouts in the gym designed to change my stride and my gait. Not a fancy pair of shoes.

But hey.. we're Americans.. We need to own STUFF.