Friday, April 27, 2012

Race Preview: 2012 Collegiate Peaks 50

"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others."

Well here we are.. the first official ultra of 2012. I can't believe I'm doing this for another year. This, my eighth year of running ultra-marathons, begins in Buena Vista, CO at the 2012 Collegiate Peaks 50 Miler. This is also my first official "test race" on the road to the Big Horn 100. This is my first opportunity to really see first hand how my training has pulled me along through the winter in preparation for Big Horn. While this race is indeed a training run, and I'm in no shape to race the distance, I do hope to push myself in the later miles to see what I've got in the tank.

The information I'm set to learn in my first race of the season, will allow me to better train for the Big Horn 100. I'll be able to adjust my training accordingly as well as get some miles under my feet and truly jumpstart the final 4-6 weeks left of training prior to Big Horn. The next test? A Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim. Collegiate Peaks will be my 16th Official 50 Mile Start after having run my first in 2006. It will be my 38th Official Ultramarathon since running my first in 2005.

Collegiate Peaks is in it's 9th year and is part of the TrailRunner Magazine Trophy Series. It was voted the best Ultra in Colorado back in 2009.
"Beginning and ending near the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, the course primarily follows single-track and Jeep trails along part of the old, historic Midland Railroad as well as through other scenic areas north and east of town. Encompassing great scenery and spectacular views, much of the course runs through lands managed by the National Forest Service and/or Bureau of Land Management." -CPTR Website
50 Milers run the 25 Mile Loop clock-wise the first time and counter-clockwise the second time. Each loop possesses 2,500' of gain and 2,500' of loss. 50 milers will encounter a total of 5,000' of gain and 5'000' of loss over the course. While I continue to prepare for the elevation challenges at the Big Horn 100, the only real benefit of Collegiate Peaks is the average course elevation the race is run at and the distance itself. The elevation changes at this race a paltry in comparison at best.

So.. we'll give it hell and see how we do. I really feel like I could come close to 10 hours on this course if the day ends up being perfect. I'd simply like to break 11.. and see how we feel moving forward. Here goes nothing! 2012 is underway!

Race Goals:
1.) Finish
2.) Sub 11 Hours
3.) Sub 10 Hours