Sunday, April 15, 2012

CO Mountain Ninjas

It's been almost a year since I've moved to the Front Range of Colorado. Not a day goes by where I don't appreciate my decision to move out here, 2000 miles from family and "home." There certainly are things that I miss from back East.. very little more then my friends in adventure. I miss my East Coast ultra-family. I miss folks I used to hike with and reminisce about adventures with. It hasn't been easy making new friends while here in Boulder. Culturally, there are quite a few divides in what I'm used to vs. what is the norm around here. One thing I've found, and talked to many others about, are the kind of friendships one develops here in the Front Range. For the most part, people just don't develop the same deep rooted relationships that New Englanders do. Everything stays pretty much superficial. "These are my running friends, all we do it run.. thats it." Now. I don't mean to make such a sweeping generalization but.. there is some truth to much of what has been experienced here.

But then there is this new clan I'm a member of. At first it was just our Sensei, who ran with a bunch of individuals pretty often. He got it in his head to create a running group, and introduce all of these folks to each other. Then, magically, we'd all get together and run together and have these incredible adventures and stories to tell. It almost sounded too good to be true. Almost like my old Ultra-Family back East. I was leery at first, but I let sensei work his magic. He brought all of these runners together, who are a collection of some of the most positive and passionate people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life. They're all super supportive, compassionate, friendly, loving, caring.. and they are so to complete strangers. Sensei call's our group, The Colorado Mountain Ninjas.

At first we were a secret group. In fact... much of our discussions remain secret. Where we communicate remains a secret. Where we run and hang out... secret. Not because we don't want to include others.. but because we're serious about protecting that positive spin. Serious about protecting the family and only welcoming those who are truly passionate, and supportive.

Then we all bought GoPro Cameras and FlipVids.. and we started wearing them on our runs. And we recorded some great footage. We started just being goofy and running because of the main reason why we run. Because it's FUN. It's what we enjoy. It's something we do for the sheer love of it and positive health benefits of it and the relationships we've created through it. Most of our videos feature us smiling, laughing, bounding down single track, whooping it up and just really working the piss out of each other. I have yet to belong to any group similar to this one.. in essence.. to it's very core. And I am forever grateful of all these friends have given me. And how they've played a vital role in getting me through the winter and welcoming us to the Front Range in general.

But now.. somehow.. we're having way too much fun. We're a bit bigger then we first thought. Our movies are becoming more elaborate yet continue to capture the essence of running in our souls. We have a Twitter Account @COmtnNinjas. Our motto is mostly just, "Wake Up, Do Awesome, Go To Bed." We have our own video channel on a website called Flotrail, COMountainNinjas Flotrail. We're not really sure where all this foolishness is going.. but we sure are having a great time. We enjoy each others company. We motivate each other and cheer each other on. And from time to time.. we take a break from it all and just act foolish, and make silly videos that are the essence of why we run.. FUN.

This past weekend.. We made our latest video: Enter Ninja: The Prodigy. I'm so excited to be putting my video production skills back into play and sharing the things I love with others. I'm grateful that sensai has given me a place to share my skills. I'm grateful to be apart of the fun.. and I want to share it with all of you. Here it is, our latest.

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