Thursday, February 2, 2012

STREAK! 2012

On January 1st, 2012; Eight of us started out in the quest for the Streak! On January 31st, six of us were still running at least the minimum of 2 Miles a day, every day for the month of January. And of course, there was the daring few who managed to run the naked mile on the 31st to celebrate their accomplishments (see below).

Streak! is a challenge I started in January 2010. In it's inaugural year, runners were challenged to run at least a mile a day, for 31 days. In the second addition, runners were challenged to 2 miles a day and the challenge stretched into Valentines Day. For the Third Annual Streak! Challenge, I combined the first two years and just made it a minimum of 2 miles a day for 31 days. This years added twist, was the inclusion of a second challenge called "31 Days of Something New." One person signed up for something new and they fell off the wagon about halfway through the month. Bummer.

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But the Streakers held on tight and 6 of us made it to Day 31. This years streak runners tallied a total of 1,143.95 Combined Miles Run. I know that Mike Siltman from Illinois Streaked for the first time. I know that Jeff Friedman from Grand Junction, CO set a personal best for most consecutive days run. I know Jerry Armstrong destroyed our Streak Monthly Mileage Record by over 100 miles, racking up a total of 349 Miles. And myself personally, I also set a personal best for total miles run during the Streak at 134.2; as you read this, I'm still working on running for 34 days which would be a new personal best for consecutive days run.

The Streak Competition is always a great time. Most folks look at it and think "2 miles a day?? Easy!" It's during week 3 that perspectives changed once again. Seasoned Ultra-veterans e-mailed in about how much harder the streak has been, as opposed to what they thought it would be. Others thought the challenge was silly at first, but found inspiration within-it and are determined to run longer and further.

They ran for the chance to win the:
2012 Human Potential Prize Package
One Team Sherpa Headsweats Hat or Visor
2 Cases of PowerBar Energy Gels (48 Packets Total)
2 Cases of PowerBar Granola or Energy Bar Products
NEMO and PowerBar Stickers
DVD Copy of "48: A White Mountain Documentary"

Everyone is a winner this year, it goes without saying.
But the winner of this years Human Potential Streak Prize package is: Josh Robert (NH)
Congratulations Josh!

And Finally.. you've all been waiting for it. The Evidence from this years naked mile: