Sunday, February 12, 2012

RMNP Snowing

It's finally snowy here in Colorado. A little over a week ago now we had a store of epic proportions. Here in Louisville we received 26" of snow. Boulder handled 22". The previous record for one storm total snowfall in the month of February was 16". That last storm really gave us a wallop. It's funny though. 22" back in New Hampshire is a pretty normal Nor'Easter. Just another storm, where the plows head out and have the streets scraped to pavement for both the morning and evening commutes. Anything less then that, and you can bet elected officials are soon to be voted out of office and someone at Public Works of the DOT are out of a job as well. Here in Boulder.. we landed 22" of snow and we were practically snowed in for 2 days.

The jackpot for the storm was a few miles away from here up on the Peak to Peak Highway in a town called Pinecliffe, CO. They scored a whopping 56" of snow in 24 hours. Think about that for a minute. Yes.. it snowed so hard that it looked like it was raining. The upslope snows are impressive. And yet, we're not satisfied. While I grumble and moan that my trails are still under 6" of snow today; most Coloradians are still grumbling about there not being enough snow on the Divide. Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park is sporting a base of 50" of snow. Hard to believe that there was 22 FEET in mid June of 2011 in those parts of the park. Regardless of the the water woes, it's finally snowing around here and it looks gorgeous. Below are some photos from this past weekend trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

On Saturday I had the real privilege of guiding a couple from Kansas City. It was their first time on snowshoes and I took them from Bear Lake to Nymph Lake to Dream Lake; and eventually to Lake Haiyaha where we turned back for the van. It was an incredible day as snow slowly fell, product of high winds blowing it over from the west side of the divide. The array of late and mother natures stunning display was breathtaking. I can't wait to guide again on Friday. Here's a look at the very best of Saturday!
Looking towards a snowed in Longs Peak. Heaven Shines Through
Stellar's Jay
Back-Country Skiers heading towards Dream Lake
Fearless Guide
The Mouth of Lake Haiyaha 
Dream Lake with Hallett Peak (L)