Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Week 1

I guess you could kind of look at the first week of the new year as an indication of how the rest of your year might go. As with anything, you take the good with the bad, and you may find yourself "up against a fire", or "swimming upstream", or dealing with "rainy days".. but it's really all about perspective isn't it? Certainly the apartment catching fire upstairs and the ensuing deluge was not a good sign... but I think that what I experienced the rest of the week is how I'm choosing to look ahead. This first week of the 2012 Streak was simply amazing. My eyes and soul were treated to some of the most spectacular views on runs since moving to Boulder and I finally decided to hit up some places I'd yet to make it to while on my journey's. Here is how a few of the first 7 days of the streak looked..

Thursday - Mount Sanitas
Adjectives I thought of during my run: Sixty-Six degrees. Shorts. Short sleeve shirt. Sunset. Sandstone rock. Simplicity. Suffering snow. Shimmering. Superb. Silence. Sanitas
Neighborhood Deer on Moorehead Rd.
Boulder from the climb of Sanitas
Looking South towards Green, Bear and S. Boulder peaks
Sanitas Trail
Sunset behind the divide
Boulder at Dusk
Boulder at Dark 

Friday - Louisville
I ran my typical 2 mile route on Friday. A simple out and back from my front door and up the hill on the towns paved path. At the turn around, I was treated to this magnificent sunset with the silhouette of the Continental Divide and Boulders Front Range

Saturday Epic - Flagstaff and Green Mountains
I woke up before the sun on Saturday and headed into Boulder. Spotted a car with Jerry and then met up with my boss Josh. Together we all tagged the ascent of Flagstaff and Green Mountains in Boulders Front Range as I continued to scout out the trails for this months Winter Expedition - The Frozen Front Range Marathon.

Looking North from near the summit of Green
Bear from Green Summit