Thursday, November 3, 2011

Like A Compass

A few weeks ago I turned 30 years old and while reflecting on the last decade of my life, I began to realize that I've been blogging for the better half of 7 years now. To me this means that for a majority of my adult years, I've been able to share my life and experiences here on the internet. To some of you, that's a pretty scary thought, but to me it's continuing to do what I set out to do when I first started. What a long strange road it's been.

It was 2004 when I first started blogging to the masses. I had just acquired my first Mac computer and it came with a program known as iWeb. The program had a feature that allowed users to create their own blog. I started dabbling a bit and figured out how to create my own website/blog. The purpose of my blog was really just to share my outdoor adventures with the world at large. I wanted people to see what an average person is capable of but 7 years later, I've been through much more than I bargained for and some of you have been a part of the ride all along.

After releasing "48," my blog took on a new direction. I needed a way to promote my film and while talking about my adventures in the outdoors, I chose to also share my adventures in touring with my film. After a volunteer created a website for "48" specifically, my blog went right back to it's initial purpose; to share adventure.

Through the years, adventure has taken many shapes and forms for me. As I got into ultra-running, it became a space for me to share my ultra adventures as well as my hiking exploits. It became a place for me to share my thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics. In 2007, I moved the blog off of iWeb and brought it here to Blogger. It's been through many phases and transformations. I've been pleased and blessed to be able to share my lives adventures with all of you. From 1 mile to 125 miles. From being a meager peak-bagger/weekend warrior to an Outdoor Education/Professional working in the field. From life in New England to life in Colorado's Front Range. From lives more joyous and meaningful moments to lives darkest days and my battle with depression.

In a sense, you can trace the last 5 years of my life right here on this web-page. Most every turn, most every experience, every triumph and every stumble.. has been documented here. However, again has come a time when I must take a step back and look deeply into what we do here, and create a new direction or adjust the current direction, to fit the needs of you my readers and my own personal desires. Let's face it, as much as this blog is about me and for me.. it's also about you and for you. I guess, in essence, this is where the biggest adjustment moving forward is about to take place.

Life Lessons
Over the last year you've probably all ready noticed a few changes. I've steered clear of sharing as many of my personal life's experiences as I have in the past. I'd like to keep more of my personal life just that.. personal. What I have  chosen to share from this avenue, are the thoughts and experiences I feel are most relevant to this blog and in turn painting the picture of myself being just an average Joe.

Human Potential Video Blog
I created a video blog which not only provides me with a new way of sharing these experiences with you, but it also allows you to be more connected to my thoughts and feelings about those experiences. It has also allowed us to share our sponsors products and more of our favorite outdoor gear with you in a more personal way.

As I continue to explore my new Colorado home, I plan to continue to share these meaningful and exciting experiences with you here on this blog. Colorado is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and sharing what my new state has to offer is important to me. Also, I plan on continuing to hon in on the final few of my ultra-running bucket list and hope you'll join me on the many new adventures we hope to have moving forward. Whether they be races or journey runs or fat asses; it is still my passion to share these adventures with you.

Experiential Education
I think this is going to be something I try to focus more on here at Human Potential, especially through the winter months. There is a lot to be learned through experiences no matter what arena we're learning in. Experiential Education is the very fabric of where the Human Potential movement comes from. I'm hoping to continue to explore Human Potential more deeply, experience more deeply, flow theory more deeply and.. those around us who exemplify these movements.