Sunday, September 18, 2011


Steamboat 50 Miler = DNF

This past Saturday I ran in the 5th Annual Steamboat 50 Mile Run, also known as Run Rabbit Run. First, I want to tell you how incredible a race this is. It's grass roots all the way. Put on by runners, for runners and proceeds benefit 3 different charitable organizations. The heart and soul that is poured into that race, is unmatched in any other west coast event I've yet to attend. My hat goes off to the race organizers and the 88 brave volunteers who braved the elements with smiles on their faces to help each and ever runner.

The forecast for the race called for temps in the 60's with a 40% chance of showers. This is the weather I prepared for. Instead, we hovered around 40 degrees and it torrentially rained for over 8 hours with 40mph winds. Just when it could't have got any worse.. it did and the rain turned to snow. Temps dropped to near 30 degrees with white out conditions. Without proper clothing and gear on hand, I slowly began to freeze to death. With my hands having swelled to the size of baseballs, unable to grasp my hydration tube to drink let alone eat anything; my jaw only able to chatter yet not open wide enough to speak.. I knew my day might be over. But it was when my body began to dive into Flight over Fight that I decided to call it a day.

The whole story will be read in print this time, as my Flip Cam died... drowned.. in all the rain. I have no pictures, but a hell of a story to tell.

38 Miles in 9 Hours 59 Minutes.. and my day ended in Steamboat.

For the Local Newspaper Story.. CLICK HERE.