Monday, August 8, 2011

Adventure 30

Every October since 2006, I've set out on an incredible journey to celebrate the climax of another year of adventuring, another year of life and another year of endurance racing. This year, I intend to be no different then the rest except that I'm celebrating my 30th Birthday. Typically I'm not too into birthday celebrations but 30 is one of those milestones. It's also marking my leaving the 20-29 age bracket I've been in since I started running and entering the 30-39 crowd.

Previous Adventures:
2006: Three 50 Mile Races in 3 Months - VT50, Breakers Nifty 50 Miler and JFK50. (150 Miles Total)
2007: NH's Sandwich Range Traverse (17.5 Miles)
2008: Run Across New Hampshire (125 Miles)
2009: Run Across New Hampshire (120 Miles)
2010: RANH - Sullivan Expedition (63 Miles)
2011: ????? (YOU DECIDE) ????

That's right, for 2011's adventure I'm going to let you decide what adventure I take on. I've been having an incredible hard time deciding what it is I want to do so I thought, "there is no better way to thank the readers of this blog then to embark on an expedition they think they'd enjoy reading most about." With that being said, I've listed the options below and followed it up with an online poll. Read over the options and then vote for the one you'd most like to see me do!

2011 "Adventure 30" Options

1.) Slickrock 100 Mile Run
Sandstone towers, ancient sand dunes, slickrock, canyons, the Colorado River and a few arches. There is not better way to see Moab, UT.. as up close and thoroughly in 30 hours then this! To learn more about this race visit This race sounds simply breathtaking. I've never been to Moab but it's on my list of places to check out. October is the perfect time of year to run across the great red rocks of this western gem.. I'm excited about the possibility!

2.) 24 Hours of Boulder (Time Event)
24 Hours of Boulder is all-day and all-night. Runners compete to run as many laps as possible in a 24 hour time frame. A 7.14 mile loop along Boulder Reservoir that will test you more mentally then physically. Right here in my back yard. It sounds incredibly boring but it's local. Not on the most spectacular part of town.. but I've also never done a time event. Check out Gemini Adventures info HERE.

3.) Grand Canyon Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim (<50 Miles)
< 50 Miles with 21,420' of vertical change and one close up look at North America's Largest Hole! This is a classic amongst trail runners and light hikers alike. My plan would be to run this classic route North Rim 2 South Rim 2 North Rim. Andrew Skurka has a page dedicated to this adventure on his website.

4.) The Hole to Hump Run (<100 Miles)
Above I mentioned the Rime 2 Rim 2 Rim.. this run is a different animal and there's all ready some acquaintances of mine who are planning to do this jaunt in October as well (in other words, I'd have some good company). Jason Henrie provides a great account of his efforts of this amazing run on his blog. Basically.. we'll hike to Phantom Ranch (Elev. 2550') at the lowest point of the Grand Canyon.. then head on up to the summit of Mount Humphreys.. the highest point in Arizona at 12,633' elevation. Yeah... that's 10,083' of gain in a 100 mile run!

5.) Colorado Trail Adventure (118 Miles)
The Colorado Trail is one of America's Epic long distance hiking trails. I'd love to complete an adventure of my own on this trail running from Copper Mountain to the trails Eastern Terminus in Woodland Park, CO. This 118 Mile adventure would take me across some of the Colorado Front Ranges toughest yet most scenic land. A tough undertaking for sure which would surely surpass 36 Hours. This run would include Colorado trail segments 7 thru 1. HERE is a map of the whole thing where you can click on the segments I'd plan to run! (Note: Snow will cancel this run)