Sunday, October 10, 2010

RANH: The Route

Once again, the mission of this years Run Across NH is "To provide inspiration and encouragement for the general public to engage in the outdoor arena." As has been stated on this blog and elsewhere, there is no better way to get outside the Weekend of October 23-24 then by joining us on our journey. If you've been thinking about, are thinking about it and want to come on out; this post is for you.

An experienced crew has been set up to help in assisting the run. The amount of food, drink and supplies needed to see this endeavor through is mind boggling. My team of dedicated volunteers are prepared to travel to all of the events 28 Aid Stations. They drive to each aid station, wait for the runners arrival, and then they spring into action! They'll have carried everyone's food and drink from station to station and are even available to provide runners a ride back to their vehicles after they've had enough. While we all ready have a crew of 5+ folks, we could always use more people to take a shift and allow some of the grizzled vets a chance to get a breather.

The best way to participate in this event is to join us out on the trail. You can do so by running/hiking with Sherpa John from one aid station to the next (or a "Leg"). Each leg is listed below underneath the Greenway they are apart of. You can click on the link of each leg to get a map complete with mileage and elevation profile. Each leg is also rated by difficulty according to color (noted below). Please note that all maps are NOT entirely accurate and are used for the purposes of provided yourself a general idea of our route and terrain features we'll be traversing.

"I'm not in good enough shape to run with Sherpa John."
That's fine! We just want you to get outside. Get out and hike one of the sections on your own and send us a photo of your trip. Or, hike a segment in reverse and perhaps we'll cross paths and exchange hello's and how-do-you-do's!

Difficulty Ratings: Each leg of the adventure has its mileage rated by color. (Ex. 5 mi = an easy section). These ratings are based on the opinion of a "mid to back of the pack" runner. Your opinion may differ but we've done our best to give you an idea of what each section is like.
GREEN = Easy - Road (Paved/Dirt/Snowmobile)
YELLOW = Easy-Medium (Trail/Road minimal climbs)
ORANGE = Medium-Hard (Trails/Road w/Climbs)
RED = Hard (Trail Climbs)

(To View Each Leg, Just Click On Its Unique Link)

SKRG LEGS: Legs 1-15 Take Place on the Sunapee-Kearsarge-Ragged Greenway
Leg 1 - Newbury Harbor to Lake Solitude and Back: 5 Miles
Leg 2 - Newbury Harbor to Calk Pond: 4.4 mi
Leg 3 - Chalk Pond to Wadleigh State Park: 5.4 mi
Leg 4 - Wadleigh State Park to Kearsarge Valley Rd: 3.9 mi
Leg 5 - Kearsarge Valley Rd. to Winslow State Park: 5.8 mi
Leg 6 - Winslow State Park to Proctor Academy: 6.0 mi
Leg 7 -  Proctor Academy to New Canada Rd: 6.1 mi
Leg 8 - New Canada Rd. to Wilmot Center Rd: 4.2 mi
Leg 9 - Wilmot Center Rd. to NH 4A: 4.4 mi
Leg 10 - NH 4A to Great Brook Bridge: 3.2 mi
Leg 11 - Great Brook Bridge to Springfield-New London Rd: 8.4 mi
Leg 12 - Springfield-New London Rd to Deer Hill Rd: 4.1 mi
Leg 13 - Deer Hill Rd to Sunapee Town Office: 7.3 mi
Leg 14 - Sunapee Town Office to Old Provice Rd: 7.3 mi
Leg 15 - Old Provice Rd to Sunapee Summit: 2.5 mi
(Leg 15 Must be done either as an out and back (5mi) or combined with MSG Leg 16(12.3mi))
Total SKRG Miles = 78 Miles

MSG LEGS: Legs 16-27 take place on the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway
Leg 16 - Sunapee Summit to Washington-Bradford Rd: 9.8 mi
Leg 17 - Washington-Bradford Rd to Half Moon Pond Boat Ramp: 5.2 mi
Leg 18 - Half Moon Pond Boat Ramp to Advent Church: 4.5 mi
Leg 19 - Advent Church to Hubbard Hill Lot: 4.3 mi
Leg 20 - Hubbard Hill Lot: Pitcher Mountain Lot: 3.0 mi
Leg 21 - Pitcher Mountain Lot to Center Pond Boat Launch: 3.1 mi
Leg 22 - Center Pond Boat Launch to Route 9 Crossing: 3.4 mi
Leg 23 - Route 9 Crossing to Nelson Green: 2.4 mi
Leg 24 - Nelson Green to Childs Bog Dam: 3.5 mi
Leg 25 - Childs Bog Dam to Route 101 Crossing: 3.8 mi
Leg 26 - Route 101 Crossing to Dublin Trail Lot: 3.4 mi
Leg 27 - Dublin Trail Lot to Monadnock Summit to Dublin Trail Lot: 4.4 mi
Total MSG Miles = 50.8

Map of Entire Route
Total RANH Miles = 128.8


All participants do so at their own risk. Sherpa John, his crew and/or Conservation NH are not liable or responsible for your participation or actions/poor decisions during this event. KNOW YOUR OWN ABILITIES! Those who choose to participate should be in appropriate physical condition according to the level of difficulty for the terrain you chose to cross. Much of the areas we'll be traveling through should only be accessed by individuals in some kind of acceptable physical and mental condition. Also, participants should seriously note the time of year and know that weather in the mountains can change dramatically. To better prepare yourselves for your participation in this event, look at the HIKE-SAFE guidelines.

What You Should Bring If Going w/Sherpa
Water, Sports Drink, Food, A Headlamp/Flashlight if towards the darker ends of the day or at night, Misc. First Aid Items, Extra Socks, Weather Appropriate Clothing for Running and walking.

If you're interested in participating by crewing or running/hiking with Sherpa, please contact Leah Belanger at:

If you can't make it to the SKRG or MSG, we encourage you to get out in your local area or an area of your preference and let us know what you did!

As Always, to stay up to speed with Sherpa's Progress and Location during this years RANH, you can follow along on twitter! Use this to plan when you'll join!