Wednesday, May 19, 2010


During Mother's Day Weekend I was up in Vermont running in the McNaughton Trail Races in Pittsfield. I had been planning all along to tell you all a little bit about my mom and why I love her as much as I do and why she is so special. I wish I had a chance before Mother's Day but now is as good a time as any. So without Further Adieu...
(This is the only pic I have... sorry mom)

My mom is one of those people who tries to make a living by volunteering her time. In all the year's I've known her, my mom has given countless hours to Baseball Leagues, Soccer Leagues, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts... whatever it was that her children were involved in she has been there helping to run the show and make sure that everyone else's children have a chance to enjoy it just as much. Now that he children are much older and grown up, my mother still volunteers a majority of her time to various Soccer Organizations here in New Hampshire. She's won volunteer of the year awards though from my first hand knowledge of how much she puts into her work in soccer... she's hardly been recognized enough.

My mom has always been there for me. We've been through it all. When I was 11 years old, my brothers and sisters moved out of the house and my parents divorced. It was just mom and I. She made sure that I was getting to help I needed in school and emotionally. When we didn't have any money one Christmas, we got some food at the soup kitchen... and mom made sure that I had a gift under the tree... a blanket. Mom always helped me make some pretty kick ass Halloween Costumes. She helped me with my pinewood derby cars. She helped me type my papers. And as the years have gone on... her selflessness hasn't stopped.

When I wanted to go to Lyndon State College, Mom was there to help me pay for it even if it meant it taking her 10 years to pay off a loan. Mom sold me one of her old cars when I got my license. When that car died she helped me buy a new one and when my latest car died... she was there again. Mom bought me a MAC computer in 2003... which was the springboard of what's turned out to be a wonderful time in my life. She was there when I needed rides, she was there when I've been in the hospital, she was there where I needed a friend, she was there when I needed tough love (she gives this the best... and I hate it)...  There are countless ways in which Mom has been there for me... and continues to be there for me. She knows how much the VT100 is to me... so she helped me enter the last two years. But the bottom line is.. Mom always seems to be there.

So... thank you Mom. I love you.. and Happy Mothers Day. I appreciate all you do for me.. and always have.     "...forever and ever until the end of time."