Sunday, May 23, 2010

House Keeping

Well the Spring Semester has quickly come to a close but no without some struggling on my part. The semester was a tad short this year because the University decided they wanted to hold a January Term over winter break, where folks could earn some credits (and UNH some cash). Because of the J-Term, winter break was longer and spring semester was shorter. Because of the lost week, the amount of work for Spring semester was still where it was, it was just a lot harder to get it all done in time. As the end of the semester came around, I actually found myself a week behind in school. Anyway... I got the work done.. and I'm off for the summer and now a SENIOR at UNH!
The Dodge Intrepid broke down 3 weeks ago. The timing belt fell off while I was on the highway and it totally destroyed both the engine block and the water pump. I couldn't see paying $900 to fix a car with over 250,000 miles on it. Thanks to a little help from mom, I have a 1996 Toyota Camry with moon roof and 109,000 miles on it. It'll work and it's a fine car.
I got an e-mail the other day officially welcoming me into the Grand Slam of Ultra-running for 2010. I am this years youngest registered entrant, which I am very excited about. I cannot wait to get out there and give it hell this summer.
I also want to take a quick moment to welcome two new Sponsors to the Team!
NEMO Equipment
and Headsweats!
I'm heading out to the Pemigewasset Wilderness for the next week for a Backpacking Trip. I am the teaching assistant for the UNH Outdoor Ed Departments Spring Backpacking Trip. With us will be Randy "Zip" Pierce and his dog The Mighty Quinn. Randy and Quinn are soon to be beginning their 2020 Vision Quest this summer on Randy's way to becoming the first visually impaired man to climb the "48." You can check their site out HERE.

See you in a week! We'll be telling you about our adventure, previewing Pittsfield Peaks, running Pittsfield Peaks and then heading into Western States and the Slam! STAY TUNED!