Monday, August 31, 2009

Crawford Notch Camping

August 15-16, 2009
Crawford Notch, NH
(Hale's Location)

Sarah and I had decided to take a weekend and head North. The purpose of our camp out was to get us closer to Mount Adams for my big Adams 4 finish. However, once again, our plans were changed by some outside factor. This time, it was Sarah's Knee. With the hike called off we decided to take advantage of the hot sticky weather in the best way that we knew how. With a good ole fashion car camping trip.

We drove North on Route 16 and headed for Hart's Location. Once we got there we visited our Favorite Swimming hole where you could find me laying on the rocks, eating watermelon, diving into the freezing cold Saco River and just soaking up some rays. We had a blast as always at one of our favorite spots.
(Soaking In The Sun)

(Diving In!)

(The Happy Couple)

Once the sun made enough of a turn around the globe, we headed for camp. I've been camping at the Crawford Notch General Store and Campground for over 15 years now. First with my father, then alone and now with Sarah. We've spent many weekends here in the past and at times even whole weeks while on vacation. We tried out a new campsite near the road. But the road wasn't nearly as noisy as our camper neighbors who broke out into argument where we over heard the word divorce and much loud crying... at least I think it was crying unless that was the distant cry of a chupacabra. Either way, I started a fire to get ready to cook dinner.
(The Fire)

And now I will share with you all my instructions for how to make one kick ass meal in the fire pit. The Aluminum Foil Dinner.
First, Lay out a piece of aluminum foil flat onto the picnic table.

Place a hunk of meat, sized to your stomachs liking, in the center of the foil. Make sure you mold it like you would a regular hamburger patty. (Adding a dab of butter under the meat wad is optional)

Then, dice some potatoes and carrots and drop them on top of and around the meat patty. Do the same with 1/4 of an onion.

Now simply fold the unused sections of foil over to create a nice little bundle of goodness. You should wrap the bundle up with another piece of foil to ensure that the meal is safely intact while cooking in the fire pit.
As an added bonus and compliment to the meal, We've wrapped a few ears of corn with the husks still on to be placed in the fire as well. (Guess which meal is mine??)

Place the corn and meals into the fire right on top of the hot coals and do your best to ensure the fire surrounds the meals to ensure equal cooking times. When you think it's cooked long enough (15-20 minutes), remove the meals from the fire and open to check. The meat should be cooked, the taters and carrots soft and the steam billowing out. Add your favorite sauce to compliment the food and mangia!

The Next Morning I made Egg and Cheese Sandwiches on Toast. I added Pepperoni to the sandwiches for a little kick. They tasted great. Sarah took some photos while I cooked on the stove.

(What The Food Sees As I Slay It)

After breakfast we packed up our things and headed for Bretton Woods. When we got here we decided to inquire about the Canopy Tours. After hearing that it was $110 per person... we decided to just enjoy the 30 second, $15 per person Zip Line Ride. We raced each other down the mountain on the Zip Lines and unfortunately for me.. Sarah Won.

From here we made our way around the mountains to the other side... Lincoln, NH. We enjoyed some shopping at Lahouts Bargain Outlet, Stopped in tot see our old friend Steve Smith at The Mountain Wanderer Book Store and then headed up Route 112 to check out The Lost River Gorge. LRG is the oldest tourist attraction in the white mountains and I'd never been there in all my life. So Sarah and I spent the $14 each and enjoyed exploring the caves of Lost River.

(Can You Find The Humming Bird?)

So in the end, I never got to hike Adams 4 but I did get to enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of the White Mountain National Forest. We had a great time, soaked in some sun, enjoyed the water, enjoyed camp, and enjoyed some extracurriculars. Another fine weekend to be alive!