Sunday, July 12, 2009


On Thursday, July 9th, 2009; Al Bernier, Adam Wilcox and myself parked at the base of the Gunstock Mountain Ski Area and set off on a wonderful adventure in The Lakes Region of New Hampshire's Belknap Range. Back in November 2007, myself, Al, Dave Dunham and Kevin Tilton set the bar at 8 hours for the peaks comprising the Belknap Range Peak-bagging List. I've wanted to return for some time and challenge our own record and today was finally the day.

There was no time for pictures on Thursday, but we did take a little time to harass a porqupine. I'm not going to write a long drawn out report about the adventure because I know that the time we set on Thursday could easily be broken by more talented runners. The trick is figuring out how to tackle the peaks in the range in a way that saves you time and has you finish the mission reasonably fast. Our time and the new standard for the Belknap Range its at 6 Hours and 35 Minutes for the following Peaks: Rowe, Gunstock, Belknap, Anna, Mac, Whiteface, Piper, Straightback, West Quarry, Major and Klem.

For pictures of the range, I would like to invite you to view Michael Halls report from a month or so ago as he spent a day in the range. His recap of the adventure there is well worth the read. You can find it by clicking HERE.