Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sword In The Stone

I stand upon the rocks, mercy in my soul
I grasp the handle of the trusty sword.
I pull with all my might,
the sword emerges from below.
I've got my weapon,
off to find that troll.

I jump from the rock
and dive deep into my life.
Where are those demons,
its time for a fight.

Not one, not two but three maybe four,
the demons are everywhere,
they make my life a whore.
I'm tired, and scared, its awfully dark in here,
no escape, time to fight,
can't take it anymore.

The demons come out,
they surround me on all sides.
I raise my sword, grit my teeth,
I stare confidently into the dark.
But as the demons approach,
I get scared, weak.... it's time to fight.
I must find the strength to fight on...