Friday, November 7, 2008

October Recap

So October snuck on by while I was out directing the New England Ultras and an interesting month it was. Following the Vermont 50 I was nursing a very sore and bruised ankle which caused me to take a break from running with the hopes of healing it in time for the RANH. Thankfully, everything worked out fine and I was able to start and finish the 124.4 mile run. However, what a sad month it was, only managing to run a total of 5 times which made for an abnormal distance average. Ce la vie. Here is how it looks:

October Re-Cap:
Miles Run: 152.38 Miles
# of Runs: 5
Avg Miles: 30.48
2008 Total Miles: 1,921.69

Month Starting Weight: 151 Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 148 lbs
Weight Change: -3

Race Results:
No Official Races
The Run Across New Hampshire - 124.4 Miles - 31 Hours 50 Minutes.

Moving Ahead
I sat down today to update my excel spreadsheet where I track all of my runs for the month (I do the same on, and quickly realized that I had no plan laid out for the month of November or December. This is good and bad. Currently, I really have nothing to train for, no goals... just relaxing and trying to give me body a chance to recover from what has been a very long year. My next serious race isn't until March's Snowshoe Races in Pittsfield, VT ( I'm not sure what I want to do with the rest of the year. I definitely need to get back into some kind of running routine, get back going through the motions and begin to prepare for the year ahead. There is a certain level of physical fitness I want to achieve in 2009. and I really have no idea what races I'll be running yet given the prospects of lotteries and invitations, etc. So we'll see. Right now I'm enjoying the downtime. Healing, still dealing with the minor complications of Anemia and trying to get my "life ship" on the right course. I know it will all work out.. it always does. I just really need to get a hold of my life before I move on with anything else.. A few weeks ago I weighed 158 pounds.. I'm down to 146 as of the writing of this post, stress is certainly killing me.

Happy Trails