Monday, October 6, 2008

Phil's Run Across America

Meet my good friend Phil Rosenstein. This is a picture from his current adventure, where he is Running Across America to benefit The Mario Lemieux Foundation which does great work in cancer research and supporting families affected by cancer. (

Phil has run over 1800 miles and has around 1400 to go on his cross country journey and as of the writing of this post, he should be somewhere in the prairies of Missouri. Phil left on his great adventure on August 10th after several years of scheming, dreaming and talking to all of us in his ultra family about it. And through the great encouragement of others, Phil was on his way.
His route takes him across historic Route 66 from California to Chicago at which point he'll turn due east and head for Atlantic City, NJ. His proposed finishing date is November 27th but at his current pace; he'll finish ahead of schedule.

Phil is an amazingly wonderful and warm individual who strives to accomplish his many dreams in ways I only wish to live out my own. Last year Phil endured Pulmonary Edema (Altitude sickness), fractured feet and horrific blisters to complete The Grand Slam of Ultra-Running. His guts, bravery and determination sent shivers through my soul. Phil rested himself back to health after a scary winter which included lung surgery.. to achieve another dream of his in competing the Badwater 135 Mile Ultra in Death Valley California. And from there... he now runs across our great land with nothing more than a baby stroller and his belongings tucked neatly inside.

Please do Phil a favor and visit his website. If you can help him by providing him with a place to stay as his journey continues; he would most graciously accept your invite. But above all else, Good Luck Phil!
(Myself. Andy Weinberg, Hans Bauer and Phil Rosenstein - 2007 McNaughton Park 100 and 150 Mile Post-Race)