Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Online Coaching Services

I will be offering online coaching services for any runner who wishes to enter into the world of Ultrarunning or wishes to improve their current level of ultra-running performance and/or knowledge of the sport. But please don't think you need to be an ultra-runner to acquire my services. I am most thrilled to help any individual train for any distance race from 5K to 100 Miles. All you need is a good attitude and drive.

My goal as your coach is to help you train safely and comfortably for your goal race and to help see you through to your personal success. I'll use my various running and racing experiences to help you build a better base and strive in your selected event. Whether you are hoping to run your first 5K, challenge yourself at the marathon or survive your first 100 Mile Race; I'm here to help inspire and motivate you and to help you achieve your personal goals. My plan will help you find a way to train for your run while working around life's various commitments (Work, Family, Etc.). To help you discover your own Human Potential and to get you to run your event as comfortably as your dedication allows.

I am offering affordable services on a month to month basis or through a 6 month plan. If you all ready have a goal and time line set, we can certainly work your schedule into the plan. For rates and further information, I can be reached at Use the message line “Coaching Services”.

Former Student Testimonial:
"If it wasn't for you: a chance meeting, lots of shared miles, some frustration and patience, and some good fun along the way I never would have even considered attempting anything like this. I would still just be reading about it. You have helped me realize a new level of my own "Human Potential". That sometimes the seemingly impossible is clouded by our perceptions of what we are capable of. Apparently I wanted it enough, you helped me to just "keep moving forward" :)
Thanks for an experience I won't soon forget!"
~Steve VanOrden (After finishing his 1st 50K)

"THANK YOU for all of your work with me since last November....Thank you, thank you. I am sure the outcome could have been dramatically different had I not had your training. I was able to cross the finish line without any major issues: no broken bones, no shin splints, no blood, no major blisters, no pulled muscles, tendons or anything."
~Donny Andreas (After finishing his 1st 100 Miler)

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