Sunday, October 12, 2008

Live... From Virginia!

I love it here. I can totally see this being a place that I consider settling down once I graduate from UNH. Its been a warm, 80 degree weekend here in Virginia and the leaves haven't even really begun to change. While I enjoy the warmth, I'm kind of sad I'm missing out on the best foliage New Hampshire's had in the last 10 years.

I'm down here for my friend's Bekah and Pete, they are getting married this weekend and I get the honor of being the best man. We've had a great time thus far... lots of drinking of course.. and preparing for next weekends run. I consider it the massive "carbo-load."

At any rate, I'll be waking early tomorrow (Monday) for a short run in Great Falls park. Many trails to run on along gorgeous water falls. I'm pretty excited. Hopefully I don't run into any snakes. I return to NH on Tuesday.. and final preparations for the Run Across NH begin. Join me on Wednesday as I share my final thoughts and feelings on the 124 mile Run Across New Hampshire.