Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nationwide - Worldwide

It finally happened...

When I first started writing my blog, it was nothing more than a place for me to simply share my thoughts with the world. "The World" was never meant in the literal sense. I just wanted an online journal of sorts. I've always enjoyed sharing my thoughts, feelings and adventures with the masses. Through my writing and experiences, I wanted to inspire and motivate others to GET OUTSIDE and enjoy this amazing world we live in. And slowly, this "blog thing" started to grow.

I've been monitoring traffic to this site since August of 2007. By the time August hits, I'll have had over 20,000 visits. A number that is above and beyond anything I even dreamed of or anticipated. I truly, very much appreciate the fact that so many of you come here to find something.. ANYTHING. I hope you have come here for motivation or inspiration. I hope you've gained at least SOMETHING from these ramblings, these adventures. I know some of you come here to laugh.. whether it be with me or at me it matters not. I am still honored, positive or negative, that you come here for something.. anything.

Today, this site has officially been visited by someone in each of the Fifty United States of America and just in time for the 4th of July. This and the overwhelming visitors from 42 other countries world wide is humbling. As this blog continues to evolve, so do we.. together, and I certainly hope you all continue to come along for the ride.

With many thanks,
Sherpa John
June Re-Cap : Mid-Year Review

Miles Run: 202.68
# of Runs: 15
Avg Miles: 13.51
2008 Total Miles: 1,300.96

Month Starting Weight (5/1): 152 Lbs
Month Ending Weight (5/31): 147 Lbs.
Weight Change: -5

Race Results:
Pittsfield Peaks Ultra Challenge 50+ Miles: 12:20 (New PR)

Mid Year Review
Miles Run: 1,300.96
Departure from 2007: +181.31 Miles
Departure from 2006: +956.18 Miles
# of Runs: 106
Avg Miles: 12.27
# Ultras Completed: 100 Milers (2), 50 Milers (1), 50 K (0 - *30 Unofficial 50K Runs)