Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House Keeping

I figure as we begin to send July on its merry way, now would be a good time to clean up some odds and ends on the blog front. I've had the joy of relaying copious amounts of information to you all over the last few weeks and months and I'm certain you might be wondering about a few things. So.. allow me to address them here.

Record Attempters:
David Horton and his Continental Divide Trail Record Attempt: Dr. Horton's attempt at breaking the Continental Divide Trail record ended afte rjust one day in the hot desert of New Mexico. I welcome you to read about the events leading up to Dr. Hortons decision by visiting the Eco-Xsports Blogspot.

Jennifer Pharrs Appalachian Trail Record Attempt: As of July 22nd at 12:38pm, Jennifer has made it to the halfway point in Harpers Ferry, WV in about 32.5 days. She is on track to finish her run/hike in around 66 days total which would give her the record by 21 days! You can continue to follow her progress on her blog.

Vermont 100 Results from Interviews:

Jeff Waldron: Jeff dropped at mile 71 with a stress fracture in his tibia. We wish him well on a speedy recovery.
Paul Kearney: Paul finish in a time of 29:01 for his first 100 mile finish!
Nate Sanel: Nate finished the VT100 earning his first buckle in a time of 23:47. You can read his report here.
Dot Helling: Dot dropped from the race at the Stage Rd aid station. Dots desire to "do it all" is of great service to our running community and as she discovered at this years race... sometimes doing it all can tucker a person out. Thanks for everything Dot!

Hans at Around the Lake:
I received a phone call from Hans Bauer letting me know that he dropped out of the 24 Hours around the lake event sometime Saturday Morning. He cited race related issues, issues with the race, non-race related issues and issues in regards to his nutritional plan which seems to be tying him up in these events a lot lately.

My VT100 pacer Mike:

Mike is my much loved brother in law and is perhaps one of the most positive individuals I have EVER met in my life. Rarely have I ever seen Mike angry or negative. Always looking forward, usually with a smile and on the right track. He is an amazing husband to my sister and an amazing father to two of my nephews; Timmy and Kenny. Mike, at the young age of 40 years old ran 30 miles with me through the night at this years Vermont 100. In his training over the last few months, Mike never ran further than 10 Miles, and his longest run previously was a 16 mile run which I believe Mike last ran in September 2006. The performance he gave in helping me at this years Vermont 100 cannot be described with words. The guts and determination he displayed is unmatched in my book. So to Mike.. THANK YOU brother for helping me in reaching my goals. And I am certain what you displayed will live as evidence to yourself and your children that you can do anything you put your mind too. Thanks Mike.

Death Race Video:
The Pittsfield Peaks Death Race finally has a video production representative of this years event. You can view it at the end of this post.

Coming Up:
I'm hoping to finally hear from Leigh Schmitt. I corresponded with him prior to the VT100 and sent him some interview questions however, his understandably busy life has kept him from answering. I know many of you have been looking forward to reading an interview with Leigh and I still hope to bring that to you.

Later this week I'd like to introduce you all to ultra-runner Ira Zaroff. Ira ran the length of Long Island (120 Miles) as a charity run. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ira on his adventure and look forward to bringing thoughts on his journey too you.

I also promised some race reviews a while back and I'd like to get on that for you. My reviews will include the various ultras I have run (Pittsfield Peaks excluded due to personal interests and involvement with the race), and I'll have a quick post for the few marathons I have done and another post with the local 5 and 10K's (or longer) races I've participated in including some local favorites. It is my hope that these reviews will not only help you plan the last half of your 2008 running season, but also help you plan your first half of 2009.

If there is anything else you folks would like to see more of on this or any other blog... let me know and hopefully I can bring it to you. This is your place to enjoy just as much as it is mine.

Now, without further adieu: The Death Race Video