Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hot and Mountain Bikey - Posting Preview

Two short weeks ago it was snowing here in New Hampshire. All this week, temps have soared into the 70's and today topped out at 86 degrees. Perfect weather for running and heat training.. but I decided to take a day off from the grind and headed out for some mountain biking with my buddy Pete. So.. we headed to Bear Brook State Park where we logged 11.50 miles of rocky rooted terrain. The breeze was awesome.. the only thing I miss now are the leaves!

If anyone in the New England Area is interested.. I am planning to run 15 Miles on Saturday morning and welcome the company. Just send me an e-mail to sign up!

Coming up in future posts:
I'm getting ready for the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Miler and my goal time is 23:50 in that race. In many years past this is good enough for a tope 10 finish. I'm not in it to compete against the other runners, I'm in it to compete against the rocks. Time and time again people tell me about the rocks down in Virginia, and time and time again, even though I certainly respect the mountain and the course... I snicker as I am proud to have grown up in the GRANITE STATE of New Hampshire. I'll be sharing with you some trails and running runs I have done in the past that equate to MMT's difficulty and/or make it look like child's play.

I also hope to interview Karl Meltzer about his upcoming speed record attempt of the Appalachian Trail. Karl is going from North to South starting in August.

Lastly, I plan to implement some more posts for the newer Ultra-Runners out there. I'll talk about choosing your pacer and how you can acquire pacers during the race (some races). I'm also going to start reviewing races I have done in the past that might help some of you in choosing your first ultra, first 50 or first 100 Miler. Hopefully these posts will be as helpful as the Ultra-Gear Series.

So Spring is here and its time to get out there and run! Train! GET PSYCHED! You can do ANYTHING you put your mind too... lets prove it together!

Happy Trails!