Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break!

Yes.. it is indeed spring break for those of us who go to The University of New Hampshire. In the last 7 days I have run over 82.89 Miles! By the time this Saturday comes to a close, I'll have run 108.05 Miles in 7 consecutive days. Temps have warmed into the lower to mid 40s for day time highs which is actually warm enough to get me out and running in shorts! Today, I returned to the Middlesex Fells Reservation in Stoneham, MA to run 20 of said accumulated miles on beautiful rocky, rooty trail! I loved it all the way. I'm feeling great, let me tell you, after my 20 miles on roads yesterday and 20 more today on trails. My body STILL knows what autopilot is and it knows EXACTLY how to run on tired legs. Oddly enough while on todays run, I was chased by 3 vicious turkeys!

I was going up the gravel road leaving Sheepfold, when just before the tower area I saw 4 turkeys milling about. So I stopped dead in my tracks and ate a gel thinking I'd let them pass... the 4 birds started walking towards me. I stayed very still... they walked within 3 feet of me... as they got behind me by about 4 feet I saod "Ok.. I'll start walking slowly"... BAD IDEA. Three of these damn things started after me gobbling the whole time.. I ran as fats as I could up the hill and they followed! I clapped at them, yelled.. even kicked gravel at em... they were determined to kill I swear! What excitement though that on my 3rd lap... Mile 14 of the day... and Mile 34 of the last 2 days, I hauled ass up a hill trying to evade these delicious looking monsters.

So... as per the normal here in New England, a nasty snow, sleet and rain storm is set to move on in over the course of the next two days. I am definitely missing out on a few winter goals I had set out to accomplish: I never made it up Mount Washington this winter, I never completed a Cats-Carters Traverse, no Owls Head and Isolation in a day... hell not even Owls Head at all... and no Winter Pemi-Loop. Oh well though... the mountains are certainly not going anywhere. Winter, my most hated season, is coming to a close... and for the next two days, I have decided to retreat to my favorite vacation destination to enjoy my spring break.

While most of my fellow classmates have taken off to the Carribean, to warmer climates where they live, or some other lavish vacation their mommy and daddy paid for for them.. I am taking a trip to the always gorgeous... COUCH ISLAND!

Yes... wonderfully warm Couch Island where the temp is always at least 65 degrees and has been known to soar as high as 80. Above you can see me enjoying my first night on the Island with a tall Grape Kool Aid under my cabana umbrella next to the amazing palm trees. There is also so much to do here on Couch Island, never a shortage of entertainment just a click away, but I try to find some new and interesting adventures on my own. For instance, My favorite activity is the Afternoon Banana hunt. Check out the nice bunch I found near by!

But thats not all there is to do on Couch Island. I decided to take a stroll tonight to enjoy the sounds of the rushing water and arrived at the local pool. The pool is certainly amazing! There are awesome mixed drinks there with a full bar. Rum, Tequila, Red Bull, more Grape Kool Aid.. it truly is paradise having the opportunity to drink from a chilled glass with strawberry on the rim. Yum!

Activities by the pool and beach area are also very much a part of the whole Couch Island Experience. Tonight I enjoyed snorkeling! NO way right?! Right?! It was amazing.

While underwater we saw MANY interesting creatures (some I should probably scrub), but none more interesting than what I was able to take home with me! Like this awesome freshwater clam..


Yup.. its going to be an amazing few days on couch island. My mind and my legs deserve the break. Coach Karl says I'm ready for McNaughton and the next few weeks, I'll be kickin back and enjoying an active taper. But for now, I'll enjoy my all expense paid trip to Couch Island... hell... its the only place I can afford to vacation.
Happy Trails!

PS... So long old man winter!