Sunday, October 14, 2007

In typical New England fashion this time of year, our first Nor'Easter blew threw the area. Snowicanes as they are sometimes called are the Hurricanes of New England Winters. This time of year we usually always get our first of many doses of these storms and the one that blew through here this past week was no different. We recieved just over 2 to 3 inches of rain here on the seacoast, most of which fell overnight. Freakish thunderstorms echoed through the air night and day on Thursday and Friday. But the KEY result of any Nor'Easter is the cold air it draws in behind it. We went from another warm almost humid week just days before.. to night time lows in the upper 30's and daytime highs struggling to reach 60.

So.. With just a few weeks to go before I run in 2 major races.. I decided to take advantage of the cool temps and get to work. Sarah, hopped onto my road bike and followed along.

On November 4th I am running in the ressurection running of the Manchester City Marathon. The 26.2 Mile course consists of mostly hills and very little flat. Its in the city I grew up in and I really want to push myself and try to set a marathon PR here which is currently at 3:40. Then, just 6 days later on November 10, is the Stonecat Ale 50 Miler. IF I finish this race in under 11 Hours.. I will qualify for the 2009 Western States Endurance Run and be automatically in if my name is not chosen in this years lottery. I also want to PR for 50 Miles here which currently is at 9:47. So... two races... two PR goals.. and a LOT of work today.

Today I trained by running a 15 mile road loop through the seacoast towns of Newmarket, Durham, Lee, Madbury.. back through Durham and home to Newmarket. The loop is gorgeous consisting of long drawn own hills through rolling farm hills. Houses were decorated for Halloween and the fall season while the leaves that had changed were dabbled on the ground like a kalidescope. Beyond the farm fields where the woods began again, Color was splashed in between tall pines. It was really a pleasant run without a cloud in the sky. However, my pace was slow (10:01 mi) and I have a LOT of work to do in the next two weeks. Anything is possible.