Thursday, August 16, 2007

10K at Rye

I ran last night and my legs felt sluggish... I was supposed to run 10. I managed to run 4.32 miles.. SLOWLY and patheticly. I get so frustrated when things aren't working as I went them to. "How the hell am I going to get my legs to turn over again" I thought as I so often do. I really ravage my body on the weekends and I know I don;t take as much rest as I should. My schedule is a mess... I need to discipline myself. So... off to Rye for a 10K. It wasn't my fastest time (52:10ish) but I felt good after 3 miles in. Funny... I feel horrible on short runs now. 5k's are worthless.. as are 5K training days. I'm trying to get rid of them all together. Anyway... Josh found me at about Mile 2... Josh and I have seen each other at far too many races this year but hey... he is a REALLY great guy and I'm glad I finally got to run with him. He actually kinda saved my race tonight. Was also nice to meet his dad Rick and another runner named Chris. Chris... if you read this.. e-mail me!
So... the hardest part of the race was getting a beer. Long story!

I'm always thinking ahead.. I'm tapering for Tetons, looking forward to an amazing fall of 50 Milers and thinking about next year. Last week I sent in my application for Western States. Today... I switched my 100 Mile Registration at McNaughton 2008 to the 150 Mile Race... yup.. going to push the envelope again! I'm pysched and scared to death... just the way I like it.

So... here's to a gorgeous weekend. Going to go hiking with Sarah and continue to the taper. Happy trail everyone!