Saturday, July 14, 2007

5K Magic

Its so important to NOT get sick during your taper pre-race.. but if I were to get sick.. I'd rather it be the week before than the week OF the race. I landed a Sinus Infection on Monday and it has drawn down into an all out cold as of today... it sucks.. but it'll pass.

Congrats to Scott Jurek on his record time at the Hardrock 100 this weekend. Again, this simply amazing runner has shown the running world what he is made of. Amazing! A record by 27 minutes.

Last night I drove to Hillsborough, NH to run in this years Balloon Festival 5K. I ran this race last year and sported a 22:06 5K time.. which then was a 2nd best all time 5K mark for me. I've been training for 100 Milers and my pace has gotten slower over the last year.. or so I thought. I lined up at the starting line and gave it all I had for the next 23 minutes and 14 seconds, which is good enough to make my 4th best 5K time ever out of 8 5K races. Good to know I've got some power in these legs. I ran a solid race, never waivering from my pace. Stayed even the entire way until the end where I kicked it in.

And for the second year in a row at this race, as I sprinted to the finish... another young runner felt the need to accept the challenge of beating me to the line. When he sped up, I sped up and as we crossed the finish line... for the second year in a row... said runner gave out a huge scream at the end to make a statement. I commended the guy for pushing me and himself to the finish... but I thank the race volunteers for stopping him in the chute to get me back in front of him.. I crossed 1st. It was fun.. I saw him an hour later and shook his hand and appluaded his effort. I love when folks push each other like that... even if it is in a 5K.

5K in 23:14 7:29/min miles
38th out of 132 Runners
8th of 13 in my Division M2029
The Top 4 runners were all in my Div.

No clue where this effort came from. I guess I'm ready for Vermont!
Great t run into Josh at ANOTHER race!

So the taper continues. I'll run 8 today and then take it REAL easy the rest of this week! VERMONT.. I'M READY! SHOW ME THE BUCKLE BABY!